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The American Cinema Foundation (ACF) is a Los Angeles-based non-profit arts organization created to nurture and reward television and feature-film projects that promote democratic pluralism and inclusion. Since 1994 it has been a bridge, providing a rare meeting point between Hollywood's varied centers of public policy opinion and advocacy. More »

  The Movies Have a Memory

Bless You, Prison - Binecuvintata FII. InchisoareBless You, Prison
Binecuvintata FII.

ACF has conducted screenings and events for all sorts of fictional and documentary work on screen, but our major interest has always been the fictional depiction of current events as well as the major turning points of the twentieth century. In 2011 and 2012, ACF has taken a special interest in the main film event of Lithuania and the Baltics, the Vilnius International Film Festival (Kino Pavasaris, the Film Spring). More »

History in Depth 

The American Cinema Foundation is creating a unique 3D view of the end of the USSR and the vast changes that came to Eastern and central Europe after 1985, using stereoscopic personal photos and archives. Total immersion in the strange realities of a vanished social and political culture is merely a byproduct of visual 3D. The true extra dimension is provided by historical insight into a 150 year long political experiment that affected all mankind. More »


2001 Prize Ceremonies, Berlin City Hall2001 Prize Ceremonies,
Berlin City Hall:

ACF's Gary McVey,
prizewinner Jan Svankmajer,
and Andrzej Wajda.
Prize trophy by Nancy Oppenheim.

ACF Blogger PanelistsBlogger Panelists:
Cathy Seipp (moderator),
Charles Johnson (,
Kevin Drum (Washington Monthly),
Roger L. Simon, Moxie, Mickey Kaus

  On the international scene, the Freedom Film Festival and its Andrzej Wajda Prize have been two of ACF's signature projects. The first decade of the Freedom Film Festival made its reputation presenting films and television productions from the former socialist countries of Eastern Europe. Since then, the festival's interests expanded to digital and Internet events, as well as the quest for freedom in other areas of the world.

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